What We Do

Contact Media is a strategic media planning and buying firm. You already know that you need to advertise, we help you do it right. Our goal is to turn every dollar you allocate to marketing into an investment that generates a measurable return.

There are infinite choices available to communicate with your customers. Knowing how to choose the appropriate vehicles and use them efficiently is critical to the success of any marketing campaign. No matter how relevant or compelling the strategy is you cannot communicate effectively with your customers if your message isn’t delivered properly. Our job is to help you determine the optimum way to deploy your marketing budget in pursuit of your specific goals.

We also help you run your business more efficiently. Planning, negotiating, executing, and evaluating advertising campaigns is amazingly time consuming. Very often we find that the person inside a company that is currently doing all of this is also responsible for many other things. Unfortunately the tedious details of managing advertising schedules often keeps these managers from spending more time on important strategic initiatives and other priorities. We not only free up your valuable time, we also professionally manage your campaign and continuously optimize its effectiveness.



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