For Marketing Directors

If you are the person responsible for Marketing at your company we can make a reasonably educated guess that you are overworked. Rarely do we meet Marketing Directors that rave about how extensive the support staff is and how much free time they have to concentrate on coming up with great ideas to build the business. Most of the time, they are doing everything they can to “tread water.”

Contact Media functions as an extension of your marketing team. If you find that you are spending an unreasonable amount of time handling phone calls, emails and faxes from sales reps, collecting rates and research, checking invoices, authorizing payments, filling out co-op forms, approving schedules, sending traffic instructions etc. then it might be beneficial for you to let us take all that off your plate. We’ll manage the entire process from negotiating the best rates to optimizing your schedules and holding media vendors accountable for proper execution.

We will also advise you on where and how to best spend your marketing dollars. We know that you are inundated with proposals from countless advertising sales people every day. The options are unlimited and it’s often hard to make sense of it all. This is where Contact Media excels. We will show you where you need to be and what you can do without.


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