For Radio and Television Stations

We understand the importance of making an impact during ratings sweeps. Our team not only has experience buying media for broadcast properties but we also have an extensive background in broadcast advertising sales. This gives us an insider’s perspective that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

We understand how to drill down and identify the narrow market segments that have the greatest potential to react to your promotional messaging. We understand the differences between the current data collecting methods and how to design media campaigns that are optimal for each. We also understand the logistical side of the business so we can handle the co-op paperwork and other intricacies that are unique to your business.

In addition to planning and placing your campaigns we also negotiate added-value that pushes you beyond straight spot advertising. This is another area where years of working inside radio and TV stations give us an advantage. We understand the goals that program directors are trying to accomplish and how to develop promotions that they will be happy to support.

Broadcast audience measurement is an ever-changing field that requires ever-changing promotional strategies. If you currently trying to manage the process yourself or are working with an agency that doesn’t “get it” send us an email or give us a call. We would love to help!


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