Franchise and Co-op Marketing

If you are a business owner that is part of a local, regional, or national franchise group, Contact Media can help you bring order to your marketing efforts. Do you need help developing marketing “templates” for new store openings or market launches? Do you need a central partner that can develop marketing campaigns for each region? Are you the designated “marketing person” in your local franchise group that is charged with allocating the marketing co-op funds? If you answered yes to any of the above we may be able to simplify your life!

We know that franchise marketing is a world unto itself. There are usually a lot of personalities involved and it can often be hard to reach consensus on where to go with the advertising. Contact Media is a great partner for franchise owners. We know how to assemble marketing plans that take into account the needs of all of the individual owners in your region. We can help you identify sensible target markets and the proper vehicles to reach them within your budget. In addition, we work with the local media to develop added value promotions that will support your local sales promotions and drive traffic to your stores.


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