Contact Media was created to fill the void that exists between traditional “creative” agencies that focus on generating advertising content and “buying” agencies that concentrate solely on securing ad space.

Creative-focused agencies spend time coming up with clever ideas. Unfortunately “clever” is not always synonymous with “effective” when it comes to advertising. Cute TV commercials that win awards are not always the same commercials that build sales; even if their development was managed by people that throw around terms like “branding,” “engagement,” “touch points,” and “positioning.”

Agencies that specialize in media buying tend to be perfectly competent at spending your money (quickly!) but often fail to deliver when it comes to advising you on what to do with all of the advertising time and space they purchase on your behalf. They also seem to run in to problems when it comes to non-traditional vehicles such as web-based advertising that cannot be planned and bought with the same techniques that work for radio, television, outdoor, print and other mainstream media.

Of course, you also have “full service” agencies that position themselves as experts on all things advertising. The challenge is that in today’s environment there are just too many core competencies involved in the world of marketing for any one firm to be great at all of them. These firms are generally very good at a few specific aspects of the business but only marginally competent at the others.

So how does Contact Media fit in? We believe that you should not have to settle. The largest percentage of your marketing budget goes to media so we manage the entire process of planning and buying your advertising using our experience combined with the latest research & buying software. More importantly, we help you develop a marketing plan that will insure that the advertising you buy is being used to communicate a strategically relevant message to your target consumers. What we do not do is subsidize an in-house video production studio, web programming company, graphic design studio or audio recording studio with your marketing dollars. We partner with you to develop great ideas and then work with the best production companies available to create the actual ads. This gives us freedom to draw from a much larger talent pool than the typical agency and insures that you only pay for production on an as-needed basis rather than continuously in the form of an inflated retainer.


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